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B.App.Sci. Comp. Med., M. Ost.

EFT International Accredited Practitioner

" No matter where we are on our life paths, we often need a helping hand, a listening ear and some practical tools to help us on our way. I see it to be a privilege to offer such support for individuals and families as they navigate life's twists, turns & tumbles, as well as their triumphs." Dr J.K.Hartup

Jessica has been providing her services for 15 years across Australia, Ireland and the USA, and is now based in Sydney, Australia.
Jessica holds a deep respect for the body's innate intelligence and the important inter-connections of body, mind, emotion and spirit, offering both Emotional Freedom Technique services for mind-body stress management and Osteopathy, particularly Cranial & Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy.
She provides support for people through all stages of life, from newborns to elders, for a wide variety of reasons, particularly in the area of musculoskeletal pain relating to stress & tension, children & teens as they navigate growth, injury, dental work & stress, pre & post natal care, chronic underlying conditions and general support for those simply trying meet the demands of their busy lives.  She respects that each person is unique and as such her services are tailored for the individual.

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Wholistic body support tailored for

your individual needs

   May be supportive for musculo-skeletal

   symptoms relating to: 

  • Stress & Tension

  • Headache, neck & back pain

  • Chronic conditions: arthritis, asthma, digestive issues, congenital conditions, teeth-grinding, menstrual pain

  • Pre & post natal support for parents & infants

  • Children with growing pains, scoliosis, dental work, injuries

  • Falls, surgery, sporting injuries, occupational strain, illness,

  • Digestive difficulties


Mind-body tool commonly used for

stress relief and more...

  • Work or school pressure

  • Fear of failing or "getting it wrong"

  • Relationships, self-esteem

  • Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Frustration

  •  Challenges with a specific life event

  • Limiting beliefs such as "I'm not enough",

  • "I'm not capable", "I'm not worthy"

  • Limiting behaviours such as always putting everyone else first, comfort eating, procrastination

  • Limiting thoughts such as judgement of yourself or others 

  • Positive reinforcement of supportive thoughts, behaviours & self-acceptance


From the comfort of

your own home

  • Available for international and interstate clients or those locally who wish to skip the traffic!

  • In these changing times, it is not always possible to attend a face to face session, many people prefer to do these sessions from their own home, in a private and comfortable environment  

  • All you need is a good internet connection and a private space

  • Group sessions available to learn with familiy, friends, fellow students, partner

  • You can book this service online by clicking the link below

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Reception Hours:  Mon - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

(+61) 404 029 222


CITY CLINIC:            

Suite 2, 2A Booth St

Balmain,  NSW 2041




1st week of every month 



(Address provided at booking)                     

I agree I am 18 years or older (Parent or Guardian must contact if under 18)

We will endeavour to get back to you within 48hours during clinic hours (mon-fri).

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