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Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in engaging Jessica Hartup’s Emotional Freedom Technique service,  either in person or via distance by telephone or video call. Please read the following information carefully, so that you can make an informed choice as to engaging this service. Please contact Jessica prior to booking your appointment, if there is any part you do not understand or if you require further information.


Expertise & Experience

Jessica undertook training in Emotional Freedom Technique with EFT International, first in 2011/2012 in Dublin Ireland and again in 2014/2015 in Sydney Australia to become an accredited practitioner, and continues continued professional development hours each year.


Jessica is also a Doctor of Osteopathy in Australia, graduating from RMIT University in 2007, and has worked in private practice as an Osteopath for over 15 years in Australia, Ireland and the USA and is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Her Osteopathic experience has given her a great understanding & appreciation the body-mind-emotion connections. 


Whilst EFT may be complementary to her Osteopathic services, EFT services are a separate modality. Jessica is not a psychologist, counsellor or other mental health doctor and does not provide emergency services. 


How does EFT work? What is the Theory behind it?

EFT is a non-invasive self-help, mind-body tool that combines eastern and western methodologies. It was developed In the 1970s by American Psychologist Dr Roger Callaghan, who recognised the important link between body and mind and began incorporating his knowledge of the meridian system into his practice. It was then made accessible to the general public by Gary Craig in 1995 who named his concise tapping sequence EFT. 


EFT uses the ancient Chinese meridian system which is based on the philosophy of qi, (chi - the 'life force' that flows throughout the body) and a gentle tapping procedure to stimulate specific meridian points, likened to “acupuncture without the needles.” Any stress from both internal (thoughts/ emotions/ memories/health) or external factors (relationships, work-life, environment) may cause disturbance in the meridian lines. The “tapping" sequence sends vibrations through the meridian line, which may help “neutralise or unblock” energetic disruptions here and restore the flow of the body’s subtle energy systems.


As Jessica guides you through the tapping sequence, specific spoken phrases are also incorporated, whilst also focusing on the relevant emotional discomfort. It is hypothesised that this sends a calming signal to the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes emotions and is linked to the fright-flight-fight response. As you begin to feel calmer, you are often more able to process the distress and gain insight into ways to manage and move forward. 


Whilst research in support of EFT and energy psychology methods is growing, with over 100 studies to demonstrate its efficacy for physical, mental and emotional benefits, as with many modalities, it is yet to be fully researched, the growing scientific research is ongoing and as such the extent of its effectiveness, as well as any risk/benefits is not yet fully known. At this point in time it is still considered alternative/ experimental.


What will a session involve?

Jessica will firstly speak with you about the specific issue you are wanting support with. She will then guide you through the EFT procedure, tailored to your specific topic of choice. 

BODY: The client taps with their own fingertips on the meridian points (hands/ face/ chest points) and the practitioner guides the process. (During an in-person session, if you are not able to “tap” for yourself, with your permission Jessica may offer assistance. )

MIND: Depending on your area of focus there will use of certain phrases, words spoken and possibly questions asked throughout the tapping procedure to integrate mind with body. 

Other tools such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) may be integrated where relevant, to aid reducing the distress further.


Jessica will often offer some simple tapping sequences to be utilised outside of the sessions, so that over time you can learn to feel more confident in utilising this self-help tool in your daily life as needed. 


What are the risks and benefits?

EFT sessions may result in a number of benefits such as improvement and/or resolution of the specific concerns that led you to seek help & the ability to apply this tool to de-stress and calm yourself as you encounter challenges in your daily life. Most clients have experienced positive outcomes from their EFT sessions but it is unknown as to how each individual will respond. 

Many people report feeling lighter and calmer after a session, however may also feel tired, and need to sleep or lay down, as is common after other bodywork therapy like massage. 

If anything arises either in the session or at any other time, especially any memories of trauma, that require more in-depth help than what Jessica is able to provide, it would be your responsibility to seek the appropriate assistance, whether it be psychotherapy, counselling or some other licensed or emergency service. 


It is not possible to provide any guarantees regarding your mind-body wellness and it is important you take full responsibility for your own emotional well-being. EFT is a self-help tool and Jessica’s sessions guide and support you in learning and utilising this tool. 


Privacy Policy

Jessica will maintain your confidentiality and will not disclose any information you share with her during your EFT session(s) without your prior written permission. Jessica will only break confidentiality if she believes you may harm yourself or another or if she is required to do so by law. Please be advised that if any communication regarding your sessions is conducted via electronic means; Video, phone (voice or text), email, or other electronic platform, it is not possible to guarantee the confidentiality of the information contained in any of these electronic communications. Jessica is required to keep records which are filed with lock and key and electronic records are password protected. 


Payment Policy

Payment is due at time of booking unless otherwise discussed. You will be issued with an electronic invoice, by which you can pay via card or direct bank transfer, or if using the online booking system, you will be required to pay for the service at time of booking. EFT services are usually not covered by health funds in Australia. 


Packages are a commitment and as such are non-refundable. Sessions must be used within 12 months from date of purchase, otherwise they will be forfeited and no refunds will be given. 


Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellation. If you miss an appointment without cancelling or cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, then you will forfeit the funds for that session, or the session will be deducted from your pre-paid package, with the exception of emergency situations.


Discontinuation of Services

At any time during your sessions with Jessica Hartup, she will notify you if she determines that your concerns, history, or request for her services falls outside her scope of practice or skillset. In this instance, any fees paid in advance by you for any remaining sessions will be refunded. 


Communication, Bookings & Rescheduling

Online bookings are available at or can be made via phone call to +61404 029 222 or email

For international clients, due to time differences, email is often the best mode of contact. Online bookings are available.

Jessica will endeavour to respond to you within 2 business days during business hours. 

Please note, Jessica does NOT provide emergency services, therefore can only provide assistance during booked session times. If you require emergency services, it is your responsibility to seek the appropriate help & assistance.


Acknowledgement and Consent of Services

You must agree to the following to partake in these services:

1. I have read, understood and agree to the above disclosure statements, terms and conditions, including privacy policy, pertaining to the services offered by Jessica Hartup.

2. I give my consent for Jessica Hartup to provide EFT services. As with any modality, I understand there is always the possibility of an unexpected outcome and therefore no guarantee has been made as to the results of this service.

3.I understand that Jessica Hartup is NOT a psychologist, counsellor or other medical doctor and does not provide emergency services. 

4. Whilst Jessica is a Doctor of Osteopathy in Australia, I understand her EFT services are a separate modality, a self-help tool and not an Osteopathic technique.  

5. I understand EFT is considered alternative, NOT a treatment and does not replace any medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment or therapy I am currently receiving or choose to receive in the future.

6. I understand that proceeding with an online booking requires me to have read this disclosure and constitutes my understanding and agreement of this Disclosure Statement.

EFT - Disclosure, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy: The Clinic
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